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relationship advice and dating tips

Nice Girls Nice Guys Relationship Advice and Dating Tips is free advice that's proud to be nice! It can help you if:

  • You’re a nice girl or nice guy looking to find—and keep—a happy, healthy, loving relationship that can go the distance.
  • You want free love advice that will help you stay true to your values—like honesty, integrity, kindness, consideration, and commitment.
  • You’re interested in research-based relationship advice rooted in social psychology, the study of how people really behave.
  • You’re sick of so-called dating advice experts who promise you can snag a rock star or runway model if you just…pretend to be someone you’re not. Huh…and here you thought the goal was to be loved for who you are!
  • You’re turned off by dating tips that only help you play head games, stick to a Victorian set of “rules,” or just chip another notch in your bedpost…and still don’t get you a happy long-term relationship.

With me so far? Then read on!

If you’re a nice girl or nice guy, it’s easy to feel lonely in today’s fast-paced, shallow dating culture. And it doesn’t help that all those love advice “gurus” keep saying there’s something wrong with you if you’re “too nice.”

Guess what? There’s something wrong with them!

Not only does their dating advice go against everything you ever learned in kindergarten about how to treat people, but it’s often just not true. For instance, did you know psychological studies show that women actually prefer nice guys over bad boys?

relationship advice and dating tips

Nice Girls Nice Guys Relationship Advice and Dating Tips helps you navigate the sometimes confusing world of dating and relationships with research-based strategies that really work.

Just as importantly, Nice Girls Nice Guys helps you date consistently with your values so you can have a strong, lasting relationship and still be good to yourself and those around you.

Nice Girls Nice Guys has answers to common dating questions and relationship problems such as:

  • Where are all the other nice girls and nice guys? How do I find a date?
  • Dating is so competitive these days! How can I be successful at things like online dating and speed dating without twisting myself into someone I’m not?
  • I had a rough breakup. How can I get over an ex who’s irresistible but clearly bad for me?
  • I don’t want to have a broken heart again! How can I recognize a keeper and steer clear of losers? How do I handle my fear of dating rejection?
  • When is the right time for relationship commitment? What do I do if that special someone doesn’t want to commit?
  • What is true relationship compatibility all about? How do I know if we’re compatible enough to last?
  • Am I in an abusive relationship? What’s a “healthy” relationship anyway?
  • We love each other, but sometimes we just don’t “get” each other. How do we improve our relationship communication?

relationship advice and dating tips

Nice Girls Nice Guys Relationship Advice and Dating Tips answers these questions and many more. So do lots of dating advice sites. Or at least they try.

But Nice Girls Nice Guys is the only place you’ll find relationship advice that shows you how to be nice and still finish first!

Yes—finally—nice people win big around here! You get totally free relationship advice and dating tips, the help you need to find and maintain a healthy, loving relationship, and the satisfaction of feeling good about yourself in the process. And that puts you way ahead of the game!

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